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A selection of recent work with briefs and processes included.


Round The Garden

Case Study | Videography

Brief : Organic music film using natural light, with a homely, summer feel. 

Process : Using a natural summer sunset light, I filmed in Eva's grandmothers house making the most of the natural quirks and openness of the space, also capturing more candid shots outside the main space.

Youth Travel Card

Case Study | Editing

Brief : Craft a mini documentary under 5 minutes long, using hours of interview footage and b-roll to tell the story of the youth travel card. 

Process: Introducing each character from the start to build connection and narrative, slowly building momentum throughout using archive clips and work in-progress footage, ending on a reveal lift with faster cuts, music dynamics, words of surprise and joy mixed in with a final  breathe out with prospective words for the future.

Case Study | Motion Graphics

Appleman's Cider

Brief : Bring a still advertisement come to life, to use on public screens and social media.

Process : Gather all assets to create a fast moving piece, shift from scene to scene using a virtual camera giving the illusion all elements are alive within the one space. 

recent works

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